Bidding and Buying Help

1. Basically, there are only three types of listings on the site when you are buying. Each is listed below with tips for bidding. Always ensure you review shipping terms and conditions as well as any others that may be included in the listings. Always pay close attention to the product condition the Vendor has selected for the product in the dropdown menus while listing. Also ensure you carefully read the description for as much information as possible. If you are still not satisfied message the vendor for more details. You may also find additional information on the Listing Types & Details Guidelines document.

l.) Buy It Now Priced Items

  • These items are not up for negotiation on the price. If you want to buy the item according to the listed price and terms and conditions just proceed and purchase the item.

ll.) Buy It Now with Best Offer

  • These items have a price and the Vendor or Seller is open to offers. The offer will expire in 48 hours and the Vendor may at any time respond to the offer or ignore it. He can receive multiple offers in that time or someone may pay full price and buy it out from under you even while an offer is still valid. The Vendor may at any time accept any offer which would make all other offers invalid.

lll.) Auction Items

  • The Auction items will have the amount of time left counting down on the listing. Please ensure you review the terms and conditions as Auction items may be as is where is quite often. Auction items may include a starting price and there are no reserves on auction items if the starting price has been met. Vendors may or may not have enabled the auto bidding feature when they created the auction, if they have, you may be able to place an automatic bid on the item.

2.) Refunds and exchanges are possible but there must be a valid reason. Ensure you pay close attention to the listings refund and exchange policies. The vendor has three selections to choose from when listing products. Please refer to the Returns Information & Guidelines document for more information.

3.) Item Condition Details are also very critical when looking for items on The items may vary in price significantly depending on their condition. Please refer to the Product Conditions Descriptions & Guidelines section for more specific details.

4.) Shipping can also significantly affect the overall price of an item. For example, the same product that has free shipping versus the product that has actual cost for shipping, may very significantly in the final price depending on the item. There may also be a lot of products that are local pickup only, and some that may even require decommissioning or disconnection and removal from their location. For more details on the different types of shipping please refer to Shipping Guidelines & Procedures section.

5.) When you purchase items, they will be placed into your shopping cart. After they are placed in your shopping cart you will need to pay for all items in the cart before it times out or the item will remain on the site for others to purchase. You simply will click on your cart and follow the checkout instructions including making payment. You will receive an email notification you have purchased items when this is complete. Also ensure your ship to address is complete for the Vendor to ship you your goods. If the item is local pickup only, please use our message center to make arrangements. It is important to keep all correspondence on our site for your protection and in case something happens, and the purchase ends up in resolution. It will make it much easier for us to make an accurate judgement should the need ever arise.

We wish you all the best shopping on and remember we are always here to help should you be having any issues.