1. Click on "SELL" at the top of the Home Page. Then click on "CREATE AN ACCOUNT". Follow the instructions and ensure you click on "YES" to become a Seller/Vendor. Please note, the Shop URL is what your username or storefront (if you build one) will be called. This can be your existing business name, or a generic warehouse name if you want to be an anonymous seller. It is the username that will appear on your listings as well. You will also want to sign up for our monthly Newsletter to see all the specials offered and catch up on our latest news. Please ensure to create a strong password.
  2. Please note, upon application you will need to be approved to become a Seller on Surplusmechanical.ca. We do this to ensure the site is kept clean with only legitimate sellers that truly do have something to offer our industry. The approval process is quick, and you will receive a confirmation email once approved with some introductory quick start video links. If there are any issues or concerns we will contact you right away via email or even directly by phone. Answer all the questions honestly and fully for a faster approval.
  3. After you receive confirmation, click "SIGN IN" or "VENDOR DASHBOARD" on the top bar and log into your account. Once in your Marketplace Dashboard you simply click "Add Product" and begin turning your surplus materials into money in the bank!